The DYI touchscreen kiosk solution

Why spend $5000+ when you can spend $500 on almost the same thing?

Consider the following

Ask yourself this, if you were in the market for a touchscreen kiosk for your business and you were introduced to a solution that is comparable to the industry leaders solution but at a 1000% less cost, would you be interested to learn more?  Why of course you would be.  Your next thought might be “wait, what is the catch?”  If so, we forgive you, it is what any rational business owner like yourself would think.

There is no “catch” to our solution, just use of a different more cost effective technology.  There are no big sale commissions being handed out nor do we have a staff of sales people to pay.  We believe if you have a good product, it sells itself and this way we are able to cut costs and still be able to provide support around the clock.

Our goal is to give business owners all the tools they need to set up and manage their touchscreen kiosk themselves.  Why pay another company to make updates when you can do it yourself?  We don’t obligate you to rent one of our touchscreen kiosks.  You can buy one on and own it!  Saving you thousands per year.

You get the hardware (and we can help you with that) and we provide the software.

If you are in the market for a touchscreen kiosk for your business and you are open to do a little leg work to save your business thousands of dollars per year then we are your touchscreen kiosk solution provider!

Touchscreenify’s Features

Let us show you that investing $500 in our solution is the better choice