Everything you need and more

What Technology Do We Use?

You are using it right now, a Website

We provide, what we call, “Touchscreen Websites*”

*Websites designed specifically for Touchscreen monitors. The end user will never know they are interacting with a website.

Drag & Drop Editing

Editing your Touchscreen Website couldn’t be easier

Make changes to your Touchscreen Website with our “Website Editor*”

*A platform which allows even the most novice of computer users to easily update there Touchscreen Website.  You see the changes to the Touchscreen Website as they are, LIVE, and not through a confusing dashboard.

What You Can Add

The most popular features you can add to your Touchscreen Website


Easily edit text on your Touchscreen Website the same way you would with Microsoft word


Effortlessly add your own photos, photo galleries and slideshows to your Touchscreen Website

Contact Forms

Create and add custom forms to your Touchscreen Website.  Add as many as you like



Add audio to your Touchscreen Website.  Explain a product, service, etc.  The choice is yours



Add your own videos to your Touchscreen Website.  No need to upload to youtube first


Design Work

Add design work from your ad agency or your custom design work to your Touchscreen Website

Instagram Feed

We can add an Instagram Feed to your Touchscreen Website showing users all of your business’s Instagram photos

Facebook Page Feed

We can add your business’s facebook page feed to your Touchscreen Website to get the most out of your social media efforts

Flickr Feed

We can add your business’s Flickr feed to your Touchscreen Website to get the most exposure of your Flickr photos

YouTube Videos

Add your YouTube videos easily to your Touchscreen Website

Flash Files

Have a Flash file you want to add?  You can add that easily to your Touchscreen Website

Custom Code

Add custom code, iFrames, widgets, etc, to your Touchscreen Website yourself or with our help

The above features are the most common ones that can be added to your Touchscreen Website, however the possibilities are endless.
Contact us with any questions you may have.

Twitter Integration

Update the scrolling text on your Touchscreen Website with Twitter

Updating the scrolling text is beyond easy*

*You or anyone with access to your SPECIAL twitter account (which we set up for you) can update the scrolling text on your Touchscreen Website.  No matter where you are in the world, all you need is the twitter mobile app or a computer to access twitter.com and an internet connection.  Update the text as often as you want.

See What You Need

All you need are three things to use our solution